Commercial Vastu

  • ✔ That too starts from looking, analysing & valuating the land, Lot or plot. It should be positive one.
  • ✔ If one purchases the already built-up/ constructed building for commercial use in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Looking to choose the site for Hotel, Hospital, Restaurant, Agricultural Land, Nursing home, Shop, Showroom etc.
  • ✔ Starting own office for services, supports & consultancy firm. Look for the most positive sites,
  • ✔ Mall, Retail outlet, grocery store, Medical Shop, Warehouse, Sales Outlet, Café shop or other business in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Commercial Vastu in Southern Hemisphere includes Office Vastu, Showroom, Trading, Shop, Hotel, Hospital, Ware House Vastu, Business from Home, Clinic, Nursing Home & Hospitals etc.
  • ✔ The commercial sites like Petrol Pump, Rice Mill, Dal-Pulses Mill, Workshop, Garage etc.
  • ✔ Problems Related to Geopathic Stress in commercial sites in Southern Hemisphere like Restaurant, Grocery Store, Store for Household Goods etc.
  • ✔ The educational premises like Vastu for School, Institutes, Colleges, Schools, Coaching centres etc.
  • ✔ Wine Shop, Brewery and other liquor processing & manufacturing units & chemical businesses, industries dealing in chemical etc are also part of Vastu for Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Casino, Fun-park, Children park, Vastu for Slope of Land/ Plot/ Lot, Vastu for Construction,

Scope of Commercial Vastu in Southern Hemisphere

Commercial Vastu consultants in australia are increasing day by day but this is essential that the commercial Vastu consultant should be trained, experienced and qualified. When someone is searching on internet by typing Vastu consultants near me, there are possibility of many properly trained and qualified Vastu experts are available on the internet. For example, hotel planning Vastu is more related to the fixing of machines, sitting position of employees etc. the staff should face the east in office in Southern Hemisphere but there are more options too. People ask generally that does Vastu affect house in Southern Hemisphere? Yes, the reply is in affirmative because Vastu talks about energies and vibrations which are the basis of scientific Vastu. Under the heading of commercial Vastu we count Vastu for clinic, Vastu for hotels in Southern Hemisphere, Vastu for shops for australia and Vastu for commercial shop. Even other commercial sites are also under the domain of Vastu for Southern Hemisphere like Vastu for grocery store and Vastu for hotel in australia.

There are many enquiries on Vastu for shop facing south and also the emails ask me Vastu remedies for restaurant etc which is a common question. So, in the next texts we will define things if one is trying to find Vastu consultant in Perth or Vastu consultants in NSW or Vastu for commercial in Sydney. The same tenets of Vastu are applicable on Vastu Canberra. Needless to say, that Vastu rules are almost same in most parts and countries located in Southern Hemisphere.