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Are you going to get our Vastu services for your site located in Southern Hemisphere like: -

Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Mauritius, Argentina, Indonesia, Chile, Brazil, South-east Asia, New South Wales, Victoria, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Queensland, Tasmania, Jonesburg, Cape town & other cities located in Southern Hemisphere?

If your ANSWER is yes, then we have answers to your questions about Vastu for Southern Hemisphere.

Such A Challenge!

What to follow- Indian Vastu or Different Vastu which is Vastu for Southern Hemisphere

Are you getting too much difficulty to decide what to follow & What to leave…?

Let us solve your problem in few minutes. Simply we have to apply our logical mind & the answer is very close to you.

Where the sun moves in Southern Hemisphere? In North or South?

Now compare, in India sun goes via south. Do you have same rotation? In fact, sun never moves, yes, our earth moves & we feel that sun is moving.

So, the sun moves in the north in Southern Hemisphere. Do you agree with me?


Did you know that the south pole of the earth is close to you & the north-pole is far away?

If yes, then compare… India has north pole of earth very near BUT the south pole is near southern Hemisphere…

Does the Southern Hemisphere have the same months of summer as in India?

If the answer comes in No, & you know that when in India it is summer then in Australia there is winter. Oh... Such the big differences, then certainly the Vastu energies may be very much different in opposite hemisphere.

Isn’t it?

Now you understood clearly. I had promised that I will make you understand in few minutes. Now if you are convinced with me, then move on with me.

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is a world famous Vastu consultant dealing in Scientific Vastu Consultancy Services for all types of sites like:

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What Dr. Anand Bhardwaj says?

In fact, Southern Hemisphere Vastu Shastra is a challenging topic and it is widespread among all the Vastu believers residing or working in countries and cities located in the southern hemisphere. For a common vastu consultant it looks to be very complicated to calculate all the Vastu factors covered in the entire domain of Vastu in Southern Hemisphere. The reason is that there look to be so many challenges before every vastu consultant who dares to pen-down the truth very honestly.

He has always a fear in mind that there may be a lot of criticizers who will ask cross question. But for Dr. Anand Bhardwaj it is very easy to convince with the geographical facts because that has the solid truth behind it. Vastu Consultant in Australia has to look for the natural factors too like the topography, slopes, sea-shores, rivers and mountain like earth structures.

In Australia there is huge desert and hilly area. The maximum human habitats are there in the green areas where the traditional or historical cities developed long back. New Zealand and East Timor are also in the southern hemisphere like Indonesia and Jakarta. The southern hemisphere contains many countries and cities like Africa, South America and Argentina. Brazil & Chile are also there in south-America.
Vastu for Home, Office & Warehouses are enough different if compared between vastu in northern hemisphere and vastu in southern hemisphere. We also deal in Vastu for Business, Industry & factory. For the best result we also advice on Company names & Logos. Therefore, Factory Vastu should be added Vastu for Logo for better positive vibes which we expect from our clients. There may me few questions in the mind of those who have never tried or used Vastu advice. For example:

Question: Is Vastu really a science or it is simply a superstition? Does it really work or by chance things become good?

Ans: Certainly, we are Vastu consultant & will appreciate it, BUT if you want to know the truth, just ask few people who have tried even a single tenet of Vastu. He will definitely share his experience. We hope everyone who uses the Vastu tenets may call it a miracle. a tremendous relief giving art or a magic. But truthfully speaking it is neither magic, nor miracle nor anything like wonder; but it is a science and art of directions and vibrations.

Question: Does Dr. Anand Bhardwaj advise to use few Tantra, Mantra or other gadgets for Vastu corrections?

Ans: No, He is purely a scientific Vastu consultant & advice on home-remedies for Vastu corrections without demolition. He hates superstitious connotations. Even he can define each Vastu factor with the help of science like the Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Maths & Biology. He does not feel any necessity to define Vastu in the name of Gods, Deities, Bad Omens or Good omens. This quality makes him different.

Question: Are there any YouTube videos by Dr. Bhardwaj specifically focussing on Vastu in Southern Hemisphere?

Ans: Yes, he has made almost 400 Youtube videos & you may find them easily on the internet in YouTube Videos. He has uploaded many Videos on Vastu for Southern hemisphere. They are very rich in contents & speak the logic.

Question: How Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is ahead of a common Vastu consultant?

Ans: He has the large experience of over 43 years in this noble field of Vastu. Besides he may be one of the highest qualified Vastu consultants on the globe. He is the recipient of hundreds of awards, rewards & appreciation notes from ministers, bureaucrats & celebrities. Rather Dr. Anand Bhardwaj himself is a Vastu Celebrity & found doing inaugurations, openings & lamp lighting in hundreds of cultural, political, religious & institutional functions ad chief guest.

He has authored few thousand articles for various national & international level newspapers, magazines & research journals worldwide. Often, he is found on big national & international TV Channels for discussions, talks & presentations. Praising him is like undermining his actual intellectual, social and professional status.