With reference to the above website which is being surfed currently, we understand it very essential to declare that we disclaim any description, details & contents of the website are to be flowed blindly but each reader and viewer should definitely go for second or third advice also before initiating and change in house, plot, lot or commercial space. This Disclaimer is a ‘Must read’ and defines that Vastu is an art and hobby-based thing that may be and may not be applicable on everyone. Website Disclaimer also defines that there are not only Vastu but other many factors which collectively may define our happiness and agony.

So only one part of any art is trifle to be adopted in life. One should concentrate more on the Karma that is called the physical efforts. Vastu for countries and cities like Australia, Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, South America, Indonesia, Jakarta etc. is only the indicative efforts in which we try to fill the house, office, warehouse, factory or villa with abundant daylight, natural air, sun rays etc which collectively may do comfort to all and such naturally filled positive ambience may make the health and mood happy and the person with charm may work with enthusiasm.

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj which may be among the senior Southern Hemisphere Vastu Consultant may guide only to adhere to the laws of nature. He never imposes anything upon any one. As one of the prominent Vastu Shastra Consultant and expert in Southern Hemisphere he always advises to concentrate on the physical efforts & keep positive thinking. One should adhere to innovation & creativity which are the keys to success. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, the Vastu consultant always defines Vastu with its innate definition that “Vastu is nothing but living in harmony with nature.