Vastu for Home Entrance

The entrance of a home is like the face of a person and it is said in vastu science that the Goodluck or bad luck all is written on the face. Those who are into the profession of face reading mostly appreciate the faces and may reveal many things of the life. So is the case of a house where vastu experts like Dr. Anand Bhardwaj can estimate a rough idea about the condition of family residing in it. The conditions may be related to health, wealth or harmony related. Similarly, in a commercial premise he can judge the business success and its speed. Therefore, it is essential as per vastu to construct the main gate as per vastu tenets.

Here we have to calculate the ‘parts’ of the house directions by dividing the entire facing with nine and then calculate how many ‘pada’ to be left in right or left directions.

Looks easy but slightly technical:

Vastu for Home Entrance is such a topic that needs the minute calculation on the 81 Grids theory. Does Vastu for Home Entrance follow the grids as per Vastu that talks about the most positive entrance & defines the most negative entrance of the house. House Entrance Vastu certainly flows the traditional common rules which are defined in Vastu for the Northern Hemisphere but the location is flipped on the other side. Hence the calculation becomes a very sensitive issue in the Southern Hemisphere. Vastu for House Entrance defines the basis of energy vibrations for Entrance Gate Vastu which may be in some cases the Main Door Vastu in the Southern Hemisphere.

Dear readers, if the main entry is on the boundary wall and the building entry is in the main structure then the value of the main building entrance is more important than the entrance main gate fixed on the boundary wall. But in both cases, we should follow the Vastu rules for the both entrance as these are the foreheads of our building and it is said that good luck always starts from the main entry. Vastu for Doors in Southern Hemisphere is such a big topic that it needs too many pages to define but the simplest way to follow Vastu for main entrance or Vastu for house facing is to follow the 9x9 grids theory and have gates on the flip sides. Then the main gates Vastu for the main door Vastu shall automatically become positive. The same rule for houses located in Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Africa and Indonesia is applied. Not only these but in other parts of the Southern Hemisphere Vastu is applied.

Vastu for Home entry- How to calculate

Vastu for house entrance or Vastu for home entry gate in the Southern Hemisphere that includes countries like Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius, South Africa, Chile, Argentina & Brazil etc. Therefore, while talking about the best entry as per Vastu we should follow the 9x9 grid system and on the boundary, we should fix the main gate as defined in the mirror image of directions in the grid system. It also includes many other cities located in the Southern Hemisphere like Jakarta, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Port Louis, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales (NSW), Indonesia etc. In these cities and countries also the house facing is decided on the basis of the main entrance. But remember how to check the facing of house or home in Southern Hemisphere follows the universal rule that check while coming out of house, that shall be the facing of your dream house.