West Facing House Vastu Plan

It may put a person in tension when he reads on internet that west facing houses are not appreciated in Vaastu but the reality is different. Certainly, west is the third preferred direction, though not serious but in Vastu Shastra for southern hemisphere West Facing House Vastu Plan may be easily laid down. The layout plan for west facing house plan to ensure that there should be no toilets in the extreme of north-west corner which is considered very good in northern hemisphere Vastu.

West Facing House Plan as Per Vastu in Southern Hemisphere

Till now we defined the qualities of various directions. Now let us see West Facing House Vastu Plan is drafted with each minute details for Vastu for House Facing in Southern Hemisphere. Then try to centralise on the fact that West Facing House Vastu Plan may be designed perfectly as per Vastu which is applicable in the Southern Hemisphere. Then all Vastu Plans and their options to be defining the minuteness of Vastu House planning. Now it becomes very practical for making home as per Vastu in Southern Hemisphere. When we discuss about West Facing House Vastu then all the possible designing related to Vastu House Plans keeping in view the countries like Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Indonesia and brazil and Argentina are to follow the natures law which is defined in scientific Vastu.

Location also matters

Yes, the location and directions matter in scientific Vastu Shastra. The areas located in the Southern Hemisphere are more concerned with Vastu in Southern Hemisphere that includes countries like Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius, South Africa, Chile, Argentina & Brazil etc. There are also few very prominent cities located in the Southern Hemisphere like Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Jakarta, Perth, Victoria, Queensland, Port Louis, New Indonesia and New South Wales (NSW). Besides these there are other big cities in Southern Hemisphere. On each such city or country the Vastu rules for Southern Hemisphere are applicable. This is logical.