South East Facing House Vastu Plan

In Indian Vedic Vastu the direction of south-east may be considered of the third category but truthfully speaking every direction plot or a lot may be designed as per our will. There may be hundreds of ways to perform a single work. As per the principles of management one should try to use the mind in getting innovation & creativity & definitely, he may find may methods of doing a single job. So in Vastu Shastra if the Vastu consultant is very much acquainted with the vibrations found & travel in different part of the world he can perform better.

In such a positive effort the drawing or layout plan of a house which is facing to south-east is done in an excellent way. Though the direction of south-east is conserved as one of the most positive directions in the southern-hemisphere countries, but it never means that vastu principles are ignored while designing a south east facing house plan.

What Is the Vastu Value of South-east in Southern Hemisphere?

Certainly, South East Facing House Vastu Plan may raise many questions. There may be different assessment of Vastu tenets by different Vastu consultants in Australia but the scientific weightage remains unturned. Vastu for House Facing in Southern Hemisphere needs careful application of geomancy related sciences. South-east Facing House Vastu Plan should incorporate the all aspects which are related to south-east facing Vastu plans and according to the need few amendments may be done without any reservation. Certainly, this may be 15-20% relaxation to violate the basic Vastu rules but sometimes the client need 100% Vastu house in Australia. Vastu Plans especially focussing upon the Vastu House planning as per the architectural designs and on the other hand it needs Vastu in Southern Hemisphere be defined logically. South-east Facing House Vastu is not difficult if one seeks to determine the directions and their sub directions for the best energy flow. Vastu House Plans in Canberra, in Perth, Australia, New Zealand, south Africa, Indonesia, Argentina and Mauritius are to follow almost the similar Vastu tenets which are applicable in Southern Hemisphere.

Precautions in South-east facing House Vastu plans & their minuteness

Vastu in Southern Hemisphere includes many countries and cities but few countries like Australia, Argentina & Brazil New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Mauritius, etc. have started using the most advanced scientific technologies. Certainly, the common mass- especially those who are basically from either India or from Indian continents, they appr4eciate to follow Vastu rules. They follow not only because this might be having some religious value but definitely, they might be knowing that there are scientific logics behind each Vastu tenets, yes there is a need of getting the qualified Vastu consultant in Australia. There are cities located in the Southern Hemisphere like Port Louis, Jakarta, Perth and Sydney. The cities like Brisbane, Canberra, Indonesia Sydney, Victoria, Queensland, Port Louis, New South Wales (NSW), etc.