Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of this website has to be read by each one very clearly and in case if something is not clear, we are there to help you. BUT I again repeat that everyone who goes through this website should know clearly that the views expressed in this website are our own views and do not bind any one to follow out theories, views, contents, guidance and description. We strongly recommend everyone to seek the other consultant’s advice too to decide whose Vastu consultancy services you have to take. We do not compel any one to praise, follow and do according to the text written in this website. The subject of Vastu is a hobby, art & research based subject and do not compel anyone to have faith or belief on this.

Terms and Conditions to be accepted before using this website by each one who is going to accept any part of the text mentioned in this website. Vastu consultancy for Southern Hemisphere is provided by us on an assumption that the client has himself read in details about this concept in books and internet and with own wish and freewill he is going to contact us to get the Vastu consultancy services in accordance to his own view point.

These terms & conditions are applicable on all countries & cities’ clients who live in any part of the world including Australia, Africa, Argentina, Indonesia, New Zealand, Jakarta, South America etc. Vastu for Southern Hemisphere defined in the current website is fully based on our perceptions which may alter in Southern Hemisphere. In fact, Southern Hemisphere Vastu is a new subject on which very less scholars have worked. Therefore, more and more deep researches are needed for its actual and factual position. Consequently, we always ask the clients to share with us his own views also and we always go with acceptance by the clients. In even one percent disagreement, we suggest the client to go for the second or third advice and then decide what to do.