North West Entrance Vastu

If the entrance of a house is in north-west then in Indian Vedic Vastu science it is considered as the neutral entry, BUT in southern hemisphere the situation is not comfortable and in such a case the basic remedy becomes essential. Alternatively, the consultant may advice the other ways to nullify the negative impacts of a north-west facing entry in the southern hemisphere.

But there is no need to be worried because “where there is a will there is a way.” A matured vastu consultant may guide simple ways to make the north-west entry positive by advising using few gadgets which are easily available on internet or on the neighbourhood shop. There may be other better directions available in the locality so we recommend to avoid such situation.

Does North-west puts Zero impact in Southern Hemisphere?

North West Entrance Vastu is a slightly tricky subject. North-west entrance Vastu is although very much attention pulling topic in the world of vaastu Shastra but the actual situation is different in different Hemisphere. North-west Entrance Vastu in Southern Hemisphere is going to become the matter of high concern and Vastu for Entrance in Southern Hemisphere is the exhaustive topic that covers all negative and positive factors of each entrance. Entrance Vastu in Southern Hemisphere and countries like Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and south Africa are the locations on the globe which need some accurate analysis from Vastu vibrations point of view.

Fundamentals of North-west facing House in Southern Hemisphere

When we talk about the negative or least preferred entrances in various Hemisphere be eastern Hemisphere, western Hemisphere, northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere. Though these two Hemispheres like eastern Hemisphere and western Hemisphere are defined in geography but in vaastu science these are not going to have any positive or negative impacts but certainly northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere should logically follow few different or even opposite rules. Vastu in Southern Hemisphere that includes many small and big cities located in the Southern Hemisphere like Jakarta, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Port Louis, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales (NSW), Indonesia etc. and also, few countries like Australia, Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina Chile, & Brazil etc. Now if one believes in Vastu then all the tenets of vaastu Shastra be studied, analysed and defined carefully.