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Really wise questions! …… which need a wise, highly qualified, seasoned, trained and the top experienced Vastu Consultant…. Like Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, MA, MBA, Ph.D (Socio), Ph.D (Vastu), D.Sc. Vastu, having 43 years’ experience and he is into this noble profession of Vastu consultancy services from last 4 generations.
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Very True.
Very irony to be answered by a novice Vastu person… Hundreds of such Vastu men are experimenting on clients.

  • How, why, what and which Vedic Vastu principle is applicable in Southern Hemisphere?
  • What is the exact percentage of Vedic Vastu rules which should be different in Southern Hemisphere?
  • What percentage Vastu tenets to be as it is in Southern-Hemisphere?
  • What all Vedic Vastu may not be followed in their original form in Southern Hemisphere?
  • What all Vastu rules should be applied universally & which rules to be dropped. It is a big question in the mind of curious Vastu believers.
  • How many versions are there in Vastu? May Vedic Vastu be varied?
  • Which version of Vastu be applied in Southern Hemisphere & Why?
  • Is Vedic Vastu Shastra applicable in northern Hemisphere or the same be applied in the Southern Hemisphere? If yes, then what is the logic behind pushing the herd in one go?
  • What is the best sleeping direction for Southern Hemisphere?
  • What is scientific logic behind difference in alignment of vibes in Southern Hemisphere?
  • How to apply Vastu Shastra for home in Southern Hemisphere logically?
  • in which direction to sleep in Australia which is in Southern Hemisphere?
  • how does Vastu effect house in the Southern Hemisphere & how to contribute the positivity to it?
  • which direction should you sleep in Australia and other countries in Southern Hemisphere?
  • How to find the best Vastu consultants in Australia?
  • Is the same feng shui in Southern Hemisphere applied as true copy?
  • How to determine the second and third sleeping position of Vastu in Southern Hemisphere?
  • Is Southern Hemisphere Vastu applicable equally on all the countries, cities and states located in the Southern Hemisphere like Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, Oceania, New Guinea, Fiji, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Victoria, Canberra and many more.

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Craze for Vastu is increasing day by day

One may easily notice that the interest for Vastu Shastra is increasing in almost all parts of the world at a fast pace & people are trying to get the best out of it. But the true guidelines for Vastu in Southern Hemisphere are not clearly defined anywhere. This puts the readers in a fix as to decide:

  • 1. Is Vedic Vastu straightaway applicable on whole of the globe or it may vary from country to country, region to region, state to state or one Hemisphere to the other Hemisphere?
  • 2. Should few basic thumb-rules be applied in Southern Hemisphere or the deep study is needed for that?

The fear of applying self-wisdom in Vastu may be there. So, avoid doing self-experiments. It may be as harmful as doing self-medication which, may put the reverse effect too. Therefore, hiring a professional Vastu consultant becomes essential. But it should be kept in mind when hiring a Vastu consultant that he should be:

  • ✔ Highly qualified,
  • ✔ Technically sound,
  • ✔ Academically competent,
  • ✔ Professionally trained,
  • ✔ Well experienced with the open mindset &
  • ✔ Has served thousands of clients in Southern Hemisphere.

How to know that the particular Vastu consultant is the right person who shall guide perfectly, logically and scientifically?

Yes, the concern is natural. Let us make easy the selection process:

  • ✓ Go through the academic back-ground of the consultant,
  • ✓ Explore the contents which speak of his technical expertise,
  • ✓ See his testimonials & reviews by the previous clients,
  • ✓ Take his detailed interview on phone. Rest assured you have mental ability to analyse the right & wrong statement, true & false figures & other related factors.

There are above cited common FAQ & one may notice that each FAQ is a basic question. Often, we find that in many conferences, seminars & work-shops the participants shirk asking a question thinking that the others will laugh on me BUT truly speaking the questions which look to be ‘STUPID” questions are actually the basic questions which are very essential to know. These FAQs are the questions which help understanding anyone the concept working behind the terminology & the process. So never feel that the question is very trifle or may spread the sense of ‘NONSENSE’ among the participants.

I am writing this because I urge every website reader and my youtube viewer to ask any question which is baffling in your mind. Southern Hemisphere FAQs are actually the Frequently Asked Questions in Southern Hemisphere Vastu and we explained the question of readers “Is Vastu Different in Southern Hemisphere?” We tried to explain that really the fact that Vastu may be 62% opposite to Vastu that is used and applied in the northern hemisphere especially in India & Indian sub-continent.

There are numerous questions about Sleeping Position in Southern Hemisphere and we explain the fact with the help of magnet theory. There are a lot of questions about Slope of Land in Southern Hemisphere which should be in two directions the completely opposite & the directions are north & south.

But in case of other directions most of the Vedic Vastu rules applied as it is. Dear readers almost 16 % Vastu rules are universal & never change with location. Vastu in Southern Hemisphere is dependent upon many natural forces & energies like Vastu for northern hemisphere, But the position may be different. Now if you are surfing deep in the internet to find Who Is the Best Vastu Consultant in Southern Hemisphere then we may be the best choice to finalise. We are really committed, honest, caring & loyal to our clients. We are fast responsive & try to explain the facts to the client with very clear heart & define each factor of Vastu with the help of science. That is why we call it Vastu science or scientific Vastu. It helps us doing all the remedies without demolition.