Our Services

  • ✔ Vastu advice shall be based on purely scientific approach
  • ✔ Corrections/ remedies shall be without demolition
  • ✔ Contemporary principles of Vastu shall also be considered where-ever applicable
  • ✔ I commit to give you world class & the most advanced Vastu services based on technical Vastu,
  • ✔ There is no space for superstition in my Vastu audits
  • ✔ Rest assured you are getting the best Vastu consultancy services from the world’s highest qualified Vastu consultant who has almost 43 years’ experience in Vastu & fourth generation into this great vedic science of directions & vibrations



  • ✔ The General Observations
  • ✔ The Spiritual Feelers,
  • ✔ Directional Orientation,
  • ✔ Initial Visible feelers/ Sensing
  • ✔ Neighbourhood vibrations Reading
  • ✔ Directional Flow of energies,


  • ✔ Negative & Positive UG waves sensing,
  • ✔ Geopathic Stress, if any,
  • ✔ Hartmann’s Lines,
  • ✔ Crosses,
  • ✔ Telluric Energy Level,
  • ✔ All Earth’s Negative Waves Spirals
  • ✔ Minor Curry Lines,
  • ✔ Checking of Ley Lines,
  • ✔ All Other Negative Energies Like Presence of Any Negative Wave/ Fault etc. if any


  • ✔ Soft & Hard Parallel Aggression (Shar-chi),
  • ✔ Checking Suffocates& free Flow vibes,
  • ✔ EMR (Electro-magnetic Radiations),
  • ✔ Energy Fluctuations etc. (Calculation of Magnetic Distortions- if any)


  • ✔ Bands & Blockages of Cosmic Sphere,
  • ✔ Energy Tune & Tendency of Cosmic Vibrations

For Vacant plot’s Vastu Audit

This will include all the above parameters- Whatever applicable.

Besides the above, the following will also be studied on preferential basis.

  • ✔ Directional Orientation,
  • ✔ Type of Land
  • ✔ Colour, Smell & sound of Earth,
  • ✔ Vegetation, if any
  • ✔ Holistic sensing

For Construction in progress:

  • ✔ This will need the physical site-visit & then the guidance can be given through emails.
  • ✔ Or thru email/ online consultation is also comfortable.

CHARGES for Onsite Consultation:

Lump sum Charges depend upon many factors like:

  • The size of plot,
  • location of the site,
  • nature of services,
  • length of coordination,
  • Tentative stay time in that country,
  • Approximated time frame to complete the project,
  • Assignment’s other parameters etc.

We always travel by Business Class & all expenses & efforts/ assignment from tickets booking, Visa, travel, living/ Lodging etc to be carried out by the client on his own expenses & efforts.

The Charges shall include Travelling time, 3 - 4 days’ work for Vastu observations/ calculations & recommendations i.e. site survey, analysis, discussion, tutorial, finalization of site drawing/map & demo on energies etc. However, for extended work the charges shall be added on pro-rata basis.

for very big projects/ Industries/ Housing etc. one additional associate may also be needed to travel with Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. in that case all above expenses on account of his travel shall also born by the client.

Payment terms & Conditions: These may be discussed on phone..

for Onsite Vastu Advice: Contract Includes:

  • All the Vastu remedies like Internal relocation of positioning & placement, Colours, Aroma, Salt, Metallic cures, FengShui, Crystals, boosting objects will be at your expenses.
  • All arrangements and expenses from pick up from my house, airfare, boarding-lodging, stay, Visa expenses & formalities, fooding and other related expenses shall be borne by you in full.

You will have to provide the following (Whatever is available) :

  • 1. Plot’s details and dimensions,
  • 2. Layout Plan of the site with facilities layout,
  • 3. Zoning Plan,
  • 4. Details of Machines with their functions,
  • 5. Organisational Chart,
  • 6. Interior drawing/ layout
  • 7. Department-wise allocation of employees With their KRA

(Note: I will provide you only handmade Vastu related consultation/ rough idea/ details. I will not give you the Architectural or computerized Drawing, Civil work advice, structural designs, interior designs, technical advice etc. etc. Hence it is suggested that your Architect and other concerned associates may also be present in the meeting, if so required)

CHARGES for Off-site Consultation (Through email/ Skype/Phone etc)

Lump sum Charges depend upon many factors like:

  • ✔ The Current position like Already Built-up, Under Construction, Raw plot, Whole drawing advice, Interior Advice, Exterior/ Elevation/ Façade/ Designing retc.
  • ✔ The size of plot,
  • ✔ Perfection Percentage Approach- i.e. Perfect, Semi Perfect, Basic etc.
  • ✔ Nature of services,
  • ✔ Length of coordination,
  • ✔ Approximated time frame to complete the project,
  • ✔ Assignment’s other parameters etc.

CHARGES: These may be discussed on phone..

Scope of work: A sensitive aspect:

Now let us discuss about scope of work in Southern Hemisphere & clarify exactly what we do in giving consultation for Vastu in Southern Hemisphere. There may be many kinds of services providers in all over the world who render different services. Vastu is also like those consultancy services which ads the vivid designs & dimensions to create something novel but at the same time we take care that there should be positive energies & vibrations in and around the premises after it is fully constructed.

The services we provide in Southern Hemisphere are scientific Vastu consultancy of Vastu that fits logically in Southern Hemisphere. This may be a time taking activity in which we consider scientific Vastu advice for home, office, factory, industry and warehouse which are the part of giving the typical scientific Vastu consultancy services for a vacant plot which is also known as a ‘Lot’ in Australia and other countries worldwide. For a new construction on a lot, may be for builders’ flats, apartments, villa, business etc. or these flats, apartments, condos may be made personally by a person for purely own use. But in each case the Vastu tenets may remain the same.

Though Vastu Consultancy in Southern Hemisphere may be very common there in cities & countries located in the Southern Hemisphere but when any profession comes to specialised one, then really highly qualified consultants are needed. Vastu Advice in Southern Hemisphere is being, mostly done by those who have read any book when he was in India & he is applying the same Indian Vastu in in the Southern Hemisphere as it is. Ironically Vastu Expert in Southern Hemisphere should work on science and logics not on all the Vedic Vastu rules. Our Services comprises the best Vastu advice based on scientific logics.

Therefore, they may be called as authentic. So Authentic Vastu or logical Vastu has to be with background which may be proved in front of a group of highly qualified people. There should be no space for superstition. Vastu Consultation in Southern Hemisphere for Home is much different as compared to Indusial Vastu or the theories of Vastu applicable in the northern Hemisphere. Vastu for Office, Business, Industry or Factory works on the same theories but Vastu for Warehouse, Plots, Hospitals and hotels have slightly more factors which should be considered. Likewise, Vastu consultancy services for Hotels, Restaurants, Shops and showrooms work on almost similar line. But we advice that always one should hire the services of professional, highly qualified, thorough professional & trained Vastu consultant.