Staircase in North East

It is the general concept that the staircase should not be constructed in the directions where there is east or where there is north. But this is applied in India and Indian continent. In fact, in southern hemisphere the condition is something similar and something different. In southern hemisphere the direction of south has to play the same role not the north. In southern hemisphere the staircase located in south-east may be more negative as compared to the staircase located in the same directions in northern hemisphere. If the staircase is located in north-east in India or in Indian latitude then it is recognised as the most serious or most negative.

But if the stair-case is located in north-east in the southern hemisphere then it may be not ok but not serious. However one should tried to avoid having staircase in either north-east or in south-east in southern hemisphere.

Is it a big issue if staircase is in the North-east?

When we talk about the energies & vibrations in Vastu that reflects in terms of positive & negative energies. Staircase in North East may be recognised as very serious Vastu defect in India and other countries located in the northern Hemisphere but the case of Southern Hemisphere is quite different. Staircase in North-east in India need to be demolished & reconstructed in the south-west or needs to do some remedy, but the case of Southern Hemisphere is very much different. Staircase Vastu defines A to Z details about the logical explanation of staircase location. Staircase Vastu in Southern Hemisphere will follow few Vedic Vastu rules and few rules which are applied logically. Vastu for Staircase in Southern Hemisphere goes 180 degrees opposite and that way the best location of staircase in the Southern Hemisphere will be west. There are other alternatives too. Vastu for Staircase is defined in my youtube videos meant for Southern Hemisphere. Southern Hemisphere is the half portion of the earth that contains Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Indonesia.

These parts are in Southern-Hemisphere

Now let us ponder upon the areas, cities and countries which primarily located in the SH and they need to apply Vastu principles of Vastu in Southern Hemisphere that includes cities located in the Southern Hemisphere like Jakarta, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Port Louis, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales (NSW), Indonesia etc. it also includes the few major countries like Brazil, countries like Australia and it’s all states, full parts of New Zealand, the Ireland of Mauritius, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and other countries and cities. In fact, before applying any thing in any area, one should peep up the other aspects of Vaastu which may be defined with the help of science. We should believe everything which is logical.