Vastu For House Drawing, Design & Layout Plans

Do not do haste in starting the construction- Says Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. Let the drawing be conceptualised. Careful application of each Vastu tenet for Southern Hemisphere is a pre-requisite of the work. There may be hundreds of ways to perform any one work in the world. So is the case of making the house. As per the world famous Vastu expert Dr Anand Bhardwaj, the first step is to draft with a pencil a rough idea as to how to make the next map. He says that the following precautions should be taken when conceptualising the drawings:

  • 1. House should comply the government rules: There should be no violation,
  • 2. It should fulfil the requirements of the clients
  • 3. Vastu tenets should be taken care,
  • 4. The aesthetic look of the building should be immaculate,
  • 5. The ambience in the house should be charming,
  • 6. The interior of the house should be cosy and
  • 7. The entire house should be filled with positive energies wherein each family member feels blessed. The family should enjoy good health, wealth & harmony:

That is what is needed for a house owner!

Any good Vastu Consultant in Southern Hemisphere shall first analyse the size of the plot or Lot in terms of square meters or square feet. As a Vastu Expert in Australia we have also to check the slopes because the continent itself has different topography. The similar Vastu for southern Hemisphere rules should be applied in New Zealand, Indonesia and Jakarta. So far as the other country like Africa; especially South Africa is concerned the Vastu consultant has to check the local weather & cities’ climate too. South America is a country whose major part is along the sea & as per Vastu the location of water plays a great role in Vastu.

The Southern Hemisphere Vastu Expert uses the special intellectual mind while advising on Vastu for Southern Hemisphere because rules of Vastu in Southern Hemisphere are dependent upon many factors like sun direction of earth’s movement, intensity of infrared and ultraviolet rays. Therefore, Vastu for Southern Hemisphere is very much different from that of northern hemisphere and as a matured Vastu Consultant we must check all the parameters which are actually applied in Southern Hemisphere. The slope of land, the nature of earth, the weather conditions, the seasons and much more. Then only proper Vastu advise may be done.

Now say WOW!!!!

Certainly, everyone wants that the house should have all round positive ambience. So he needs Vastu services. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj has given services for Vastu in Australia & most of the people when trying to find the best Vastu Consultants in Australia then we stand outstanding. Our work style is very much client friendly. We deal in Vastu as the professional Vastu Consultant in Perth. If one looks for the best Vastu Consultant in Sydney then try to get the Vastu services which are logical in Southern Hemisphere. Sometimes few Indian Vastu Consultants in Australia try to advice on Indian Vedic Vastu but that is not good for Australia Vastu Consultants. Certainly, there may be a number of Vastu services providers in Australia but the logical Vastu is always good. They should know that Vedic Vastu is fitted in India and other areas located on the similar latitude.

But Vastu Consultants in Brisbane are still of two types, there are traditional Vastu consultants in the world. The South-Africa Vastu Consultants who are working in the profession of Vastu and working as the Vastu Consultants in Africa and Best Vastu for Latin America, they should first do analysis of sun waves, local atmosphere, climate, locality and many factors associated with vaastu for Southern Hemisphere. Vastu Consultants in Canberra should also do the proper deep analysis and ask themselves as is the same movement of sun is getting there. The answer shall be in no.

Vastu Consultant Australia should study deeply on the changing scenario of energy vibrations and then one may be the best Vastu For Australia. Now doing Australian Vastu may be logical and perfectly scientific. Similarly there are few more countries and cities in Southern Hemisphere like Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, Oceana, New Guinea, Fiji, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle & Canberra etc on which same Vastu for Southern Hemisphere is applied. In fact Southern Hemisphere Vastu Shastra is different from what is applied in the northern Hemisphere like India & other countries located in the same Hemisphere above the equator.

Thus, Vastu in Southern Hemisphere becomes more or less enough different in the Southern Hemisphere countries and cities like Vastu Consultant in Australia, New Zealand, East Timor and Indonesia. No doubt the same Vastu rules shall be applied in other cities of the globe below the equator line on the globe or earth like Vastu in Jakarta, Africa, South America & Argentina etc. In this assignment of doing the Vastu survey or Vastu audit we do Vastu for Home, Vastu for Office, Warehouses, Business, Industry as well as Vastu for Factory. Besides the above we also deal in advising on Vastu for Logo because the Logo is the main thing of a business & if the Logo is emitting the positive vibrations then certainly it may add up to the business.

Difference in Layout Plan in Southern Hemisphere & Northern Hemisphere:

Yes, very good topic to analyse the both of the Hemisphere in the world. There maty be two types of Vastu consultants:

  • Who has not updated his Vastu wisdom and still doing the bookish Vastu which is meant for India and northern Hemisphere?
  • Those who are really scientific, logical and so they are authentic.
  • They know how to define the best direction to sleep, how does Vastu affect house in the Southern Hemisphere and they are clear on the fact that sleep with head to north

The perfect Vastu expert may define the truth as sleeping north west direction The above all points should be fixed on the layout plan stage so that there remains no chance to do any omm9ission. Vastu drawing and all the fengshui designs and layout plans for Vastu for drawing in australia especially with an emphasis on the Vastu for northern Hemisphere. Here is the tenets of Vastu in australia with a special focus on Vastu designs for Southern Hemisphere. This is due to the difference between duo as Vastu shastra in Southern Hemisphere. Definitely we believe in sharing the Vastu tips for Southern Hemisphere. Now, no need to copy-paste the Vedic Vastu in Southern Hemisphere