Vastu for Plot & Lot

  • ✔ Residential Plot: There may be many purposes of a Lot buying or taking for work. But each residential plot should be Vastu friendly in Southern Hemisphere like Australia, argentine, chile, brazil, south-Africa, Indonesia, Jakarta, Mauritius, new Zealand and other countries situated in the Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Agriculture Land: Doing farming may also be the motive behind buying the lot in Vastu friendly in Southern Hemisphere like Perth, Melbourne in Australia and cities like Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane etc. and countries like south Africa, Jakarta, New Zealand etc.
  • ✔ Farm House: The next purpose of precuring or buying a land or lot may be for a farm house. The farm house may be big or small. In many farm houses people are growing the organic fruits and vegetables which are very much in demand. These crops may be called cash crop.
  • ✔ Commercial Plot or Lot: They may be for doing any profession, business, trading or other works. It may be open air cultural programs like open air theatre etc. But in each case the Lot or plot should be positive in Southern Hemisphere.
  • ✔ Industrial Plot: Similarly, the other purpose may be industrial because those who are from India and other countries prefer to buy the own land or plot or lot and then they do start the manufacturing on it.
  • ✔ Plot for Investment Purpose: This is very less in today’s time when after international pandemic crisis the people are having limited earnings but even then, they do start their investments in petty properties.
  • ✔ Slope of the Land, Plot or Lot should be checked very carefully before buying a lot.
  • ✔ Geopathic Stress may be the cause of getting a cheaper plot because the earth which is not positive should not be bought.

Lot or Plot as per Vastu-The energy Science

When someone is out to hunt for the best Lot or plot in Southern Hemisphere and its all countries like Australia, South Africa, South America, Mauritius, Jakarta, New Zealand etc then there is the big responsibility on the shoulders of the Vastu consultant hired by the client. Most of the time clients from Australia ask me the best direction for house to face australia and most of the time the common question strikes to my phone’s mailbox as “Is south facing house good in australia or the other one north facing lots australia, but replying to these questions is not a difficult task & we always say that the client should just flap north & south to check one part of Vastu.

We have recommended many South east facing plots in Australia or even the south facing house Vastu australia. In each case the lot should be positive because a healthy home is conceptualised on a healthy lot only. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj uses many sensors. So one may call him to check the earth energies of the site. Vastu for land in Southern Hemisphere is to be seen and decided that it should be low in the east and high in the west. Vastu for south facing lot in Southern Hemisphere comes under the positive direction in Southern Hemisphere., Vastu for south facing plot Lot and all Vastu homes Melbourne are to be done by the Vastu consultant Melbourne or Vastu for Sydney. As one of the best Vastu consultants of the globe Dr. Anand Bhardwaj personally likes south-facing Lots & plots in the Southern Hemisphere. Rather north-east facing lots may be negative. Here is the difference between northern Hemisphere Vastu & Southern Hemisphere Vastu.