Industrial or Factory Vastu

  • ✔ Planning to buy the vacant land or Lot to construct your own industry?
  • ✔ Getting to know the Vastu factors’ scientific Values to select the most positive plot,
  • ✔ Going to take an already built up site, hall, industrial building, shed, factory premise etc.
  • ✔ Finalising to do manufacturing, trading, supplying, export-import business etc. in Southern Hemisphere.
  • ✔ Looking forward to have a garage, workshop, small units etc in your country located in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Factory Vastu, Manufacturing Unit, Glass Industry & Paper Mill like big industries also may call for Vastu in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Steel Industry & all types of Furniture Manufacturing etc are also covered under the heading of Vastu in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Other Industry like small scale industries, domestic manufacturing, home work, work-from-home system etc owners may also take the Vastu guidance.
  • ✔ In industrial Vastu also the importance and criticality of Geopathic Stress Impacts are also considered and cured,
  • ✔ Selection of Land, Lot, Plot and then buying to it if it is perfectly Vastu friendly or Vastu compliant. Reason being if the Lot or Plot shall be Vastu compliant then only the Vastu compliant buildings may be constructed upon such Lot in southern Hemisphere like Australia.

How to apply Vastu in Industries & Factories in SH?

There are new developments in the world of industries all over the world. So is the case of all the countries located in the Sothern Hemisphere. Now there is a big demand of Factory Vastu in Australia also because the industrialist wants the profitability graph to go on high acceleration. So in order to get the best benefits of Vastu energies the Vastu aware class is doing full efforts to incorporate Vastu in their industry or factory.

But most of the time people ask us “Is Vastu different in Southern Hemisphere? Now there is big roles of Vastu consultant in Sydney. In Vastu the first thing is asked about pooja room in Southern Hemisphere. It is easy to construct the easy location of pooja if Vastu for double storey house in Australia is being done. As Vastu consultants in Melbourne and Vastu shastra Consultant Sydney one has to use the top intelligence as the people of australia who believe in Vastu may ask for the best & scientific Vastu. Vastu for lot in australia is not simple because in that case we have to check the topography and slopes of the plot or slope of the lot also. There is a common question in Sothern Hemisphere that what is the best facing in Australia and sometimes this becomes difficult for the Southern Hemisphere Vastu Consultants because the application of Vastu is much different in different Hemisphere.