South East Facing House Vastu

Any one who is a firm Vastu believer may be contemplating on the directions and may think which direction is the best direction in southern hemisphere and which direction is the worst in southern hemisphere. Which direction facing of a house is thought to be the most positive and which direction of facing of house considered as the most negative. All these questions are subject to being in a specific hemisphere. Then if one reads about a south facing house in norther hemisphere, there are abundant literatures on this facing of house or facing of the lot but with reference to the southern hemisphere the calculations change.

Therefore, before growing any question marks on the plot which is south facing one should consult the senior vastu consultant who will calculate the fourth-house of the horoscope which is part of astro-vastu. The seasoned vastu consultant like Dr. Anand Bhardwaj also calculates the number which is part of house number numerology.

Why Question Mark on South East Facing House in Southern Hemisphere?

South East Facing House Vastu is becoming a topic of interest not in Southern Hemisphere but also in northern Hemisphere. Vastu for House when discussed with reference to the South-east facing House Vastu then one thing baffles a person whether south or good or negative direction? After having the other corner east, the question mark becomes more prominent because on the internet South-east facing house Vastu in the Southern Hemisphere creates suspicion. Vastu for Home is more recognised if it is east facing. So Vastu in Southern Hemisphere indicates all tenets for all Vastu related topics like Vastu in Australia, Vastu in New Zealand, Vaastu for Africa & similarly for Indonesia. The topic of Vastu for House is very vast and defined with reference to all the directions. But a south-east facing house should not be seen from doubt in the Southern Hemisphere, it is ok.

Now Define Areas in Southern-Hemisphere

Now Vastu in the Southern Hemisphere that includes countries like South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Mauritius as a common series will follow the similar rules of SH. Similarly, Chile, Argentina & Brazil are also part of Southern Hemisphere. Besides these, cities located in the Southern Hemisphere like Perth, Jakarta, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Port Louis, Victoria, New South Wales (NSW), Queensland, Indonesia etc. are also there which may follow all the Vastu tenets like other countries follow Vastu in Southern Hemisphere.