North Facing House Vastu Plan

It may not be a matter to define north as per vastu as an auspicious direction but there should be the cool and calm ambience in the house if it is designed as per vastu in southern hemisphere. Everything is possible. And on the basis of this theory north facing house plan may also be designed keeping in mind the natural vibrations. In each direction the plan may be designed as per Vastu tenets. So is the case of north facing house vastu plan. The layout plan as per vastu may contain everything that is related to the applicability of maximum Vastu rules. North Facing House Vastu Plan can very well be drafted with in tunes to the Vaastu Shastra principles.

The biggest possible precaution in North Facing House Vastu Plan should be that there may be toilet in the middle of north. This is to be seen that when one reads about northern hemisphere vastu, he may find that there should be no toilet in north in India.

The best Vastu plans for Southern Hemisphere

North Facing House Vastu Plan which is more concerned about Vastu for House Facing in Southern Hemisphere is to be defined with reference to the receptivity of various vibes being incorporated in a North Facing House Vastu Plan. Similarly, the Vastu Plans may be defining various directions and each direction facing has its own value. Now Vastu House planning for the direction of north is to be seen from the aspect that defines Vastu in Southern Hemisphere and when its layout plan is designed just keep in mind the revolution of and rotation of earth. North Facing House Vastu drawings are based on Vastu House Plans which speak of the true health environment there. The above is ap[plied on Vastu for houses in Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Indonesia. Likewise the same precautions in making the drawing to be in Argentina also.

Vastu in Southern Hemisphere that includes countries like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Mauritius , Chile, Argentina & Brazil etc. The simple Vastu tenets should be highlighted in Vastu drawings for cities situated in the Southern Hemisphere major cities and countries like Perth, Jakarta, Sydney, Brisbane & Canberra. Certainly these rules should be followed at Port Louis, Victoria and Queensland. Then same thing applied on New South Wales (NSW) & Jakarta in Indonesia. Each case looks to be same but there may be deviation in all the places located in different Hemisphere.