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These Testimonials are the true and actual Feedbacks sent on emails or on text or WhatsApp etc to us by Our Clients whom we call the most satisfied and happy Clients. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj Reviews are the evidences that we are really thorough professional and care for the clients.

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Ambrish Pareikh, Unit X-XXX:-XX, Pacific Hwy, NSW, Au.


  Thanks, Your logical reasoning has strength to convince any science scholar like me. I was highly impressed when you clarified my each doubt very nicely. I also appreciate your patience that you remained normal and cool in a teleonomic discussion for almost quarter hour. I have great respect for you sir. You may share my feeling on your web page too if you feel like. With great regards

S. Gurvinder Singh (Bunty), 1-Xxx, Victoria St., Port Elizabeth, S. Africa, Ph: +27-41002xxxxx


  Hi- dear sir, not me but my wise a Vastu believer & your big fan for the last many years. She has subscribed your Youtube channel many years back and keeps on ta;lking about Vastu & you very often, BUT as non believer I always overhear her narratives, BUT my thinking changed when she took your advice & changed our sleeping position. It was like a miracle that we started having very sound sleep. Thanks again.

Lovely Rana, xxx Exports, Central Flacq, Riche Mere, Mauritius, my Contact: +230xxxxxxx


  My dear Ananda bhardwaz, you may put my comments on your any portal with full confidence. I always appreciate you because the way you designed my house, is real Thumbs-Up. Everybody is relaxed, earning good money & leading lavish life. I can now believe Vaastu has power to energise the house. Again & again thanks from heart. Yours.

Somash Agrawal & Rina Agrawal, Av Pres.vargas, Nossa xxxx, Santa Maria, Brazil


  Hi everyone…. Let me share me too…Fearing from financially very tough time and having tried two other consultants, it was my last try to have faith & in Dr. Anand ji because I could saw all dark & no light in life having faced very very huge losses, BUT God showed me the way and one fine day I called Anand Bhardwaj & narrated my grief. In one second, he pinpointed one major Vastu defect of my office without looking at my lay-out. Believe me, I was astonished on his diagnosis. Not only this, he told me a very simple remedy that costed to me almost two USD & the problem started solving automatically. In 23 days I got the call from Bank who approved my loan & proposal & after one week I got a good partner. In nutshell I was re-established in 7 months & today I am far better than from my golden time of 4 years back. I thank Dr. Bhardwaj. He is true professional & sincere polite man. May God bless him.

Dhruv Mittal, xxxxx, Sydney, Australia, Cell: +61-298xxxxxxx, +61-297xxxxxxx


  Hello, I am from Indian origin established here in Sydney about 3 years back & trying continuously to establish myself. I do not know that everybody believes in Vastu or not but I am. My family is in Bangalore, India and has been seeking Vastu advices from Dr. Anand Bhardwaj & I too continued the same family tradition. I do not move without Vastu & every time I get the best out of it. Definitely there may be hundreds of other Vastu Consultants BUT we have firm faith of Dr. Anand Ji. He is a man of wisdom, great knowledge & research-based frame of mind. I have recommended his name to not less than 20-30 people in my contact & everyone praised him a lot. Dear Anand ji, u may use my this email on your website, but hide my address. I will call you in Sydney very soon for my big project which is my dream project.

Sonika & Mohit Jindal, A-xxx, Mount Albert Rd, New Auckland, New Zealand, +64-2134xxxxxx


  Thanks dear doctor Anand Bhardwaj, your Vastu advice & all remedies without demolition has done wonder in my life. The financial & issue problem both are over. I do not know how it all happened in less than six months, may be the God sent us the message to hire your services. Certainly, it was not by chance. When good time is ahead, someone like you comes between the man & almighty to show the path. Your Vastu advice has worked fast to bring me out of the troubles & hardness. I pray almighty to grace you good healthy & long life so that you keep on doing good to others. My wife is also sending you thanks & may call you next weekend to discuss on our new project as we are planning to construct our big house & live with status among the status people. We will first send you the Lot dimensions & directions & if looks to be OK, then we will request you to visit personally to check earth energy & parallel vibrations. With great regards: