South West Facing House Vastu Plan

There may be some ifs & buts while one discloses the nearer and dearer ones that he has bought a south-west facing Lot & shares with cheers with the friends & relatives. But the mood may be spoiled when some person who knows vastu basics declares that the lot which has been purchased is perfect anti vastu and it may create sever problems to the house owner. BUT truthfully, I would like to reveal that this facing of south-west is not that negative as defined for the northern hemisphere.

Though we can not praise too much to south-west facing lot in southern hemisphere but let me share my own thought about vastu for southern hemisphere that this direction of south west is a neutral direction and there is no need to be tense. Truthfully speaking South West Facing House Vastu Plan may be perfect as per vastu. But there is a big need to incorporate the vastu tenets from the beginning so that the entire house after completion should be filled with all round positive energies.

Is it Complicated to design South-west Facing House’ Drawing?

Definitely it may be a question in the mind of a person who has purchased a south-west facing Lot in Australia or any other country situated in the Southern Hemisphere. This is because the South West Facing House Vastu Plan needs critical precautions while designing to it because there are certain energies which move from west to east. These vibes to be balanced with the help of Vastu Shastra rules and widely used principles which speak of its scientificality. Vastu for House Facing in Southern Hemisphere is the first module which should be analysed with reference to the way of movement of energies from one direction to the other. This part needs the high wisdom to analyse the facts and factors. South-west Facing House Vastu Plan also needs that the western part of the house should be less open and eastern part to be more open. Similarly, the vibes coming from the south in the Southern Hemisphere may be positive being the cool direction. So it is as positive as we define the direction of north in northern Hemisphere like in India.

Care to be taken while designing the Vastu Plans

Each Vastu compliant Vastu plan has some specific characteristics that ensures that the house after construction may receive the positive vibes from south and east. Vastu House planning therefore becomes critical factor before deciding the rooms and toilets. Vastu in Southern Hemisphere needs careful placement of kitchen too. South-west Facing House Vastu is expected to place the stairs in the heavy direction of west. We have to critically check all the Vastu tenets while working as the best Vastu consultant for Vastu House Plans in Mauritius, Perth, entire Australia, all parts of south Africa, New Zealand, Indonesia and Argentina as these all are located in the Southern Hemisphere. Vastu in Southern Hemisphere that includes countries like South Africa, brazil, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Southern Hemisphere like Mauritius, chile, Uruguay, South Africa etc. likewise Argentina & Brazil are also in the Southern Hemisphere. There are hundreds of good cities located in the Southern Hemisphere like Indonesia Jakarta, Port Louis, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Victoria, Canberra, Queensland, New South Wales (NSW) etc. and it becomes essential to apply only the scientific Vastu rules in these countries and cities.