Construction of Building as per Vastu

Are you sitting with a pencil & a paper to draft your dream house as per:

  • ✔ Your requirements keeping in view the limitations of size of lot/ plot?
  • ✔ Following the Government bi-laws, surfing on zoning rules of local administration authorities?
  • ✔ Getting the images page on your computer for observing the best-looking house designs and elevations/ facades
  • ✔ Fulfilling the Vastu norms & peeping in your laptop to find the fundamentals of Vastu?
  • ✔ Thinking to hire the best but viable architect and builder who could regard your requirements and does not impose his ideas which do not suit to you?
  • ✔ Now striking an idea to hire the professional Vastu Consultant who:
    • Has the largest experience in Vastu for Southern Hemisphere,
    • Professionally qualified with testimonials,
    • Matured enough to have seasoned mind, bright ideas, flexible approach, true and honest.
    • Vastu consultant who is dynamic, fast & having pleasing nature. Should feel good and cooperative person.
    • Should be committed to work, talks like gentleman and have untiring work ethics.

If the above is wandering in your mind, then certainly Dr. Anand Bhardwaj should be your first & last choice.

  • ✔ Have you started construction on the land/ lot? If not & still working on drawings, then this is the best time to involve a professional Vastu consultant.
  • ✔ If your site is undergoing the construction, still you are not late and may have many things as per Vastu like colors/ paints, curtains, flooring, paintings, pictures, facilities, change in w.c. facing, re-setting mirrors, water taps locations etc. numerous things are pending and may be done as per Vastu.
  • ✔ But if you skipped the involvement of a Vastu consultant before and during construction and now you plan to get the professional Vastu services from a good Vastu consultant, then we have Vastu corrections without demolition.
  • ✔ Even if you got a rented house or commercial building and fear that Vastu can not be incorporated, then you may be having incomplete knowledge because all Vastu defects can be treated without demolition and without anything which may be noticed by anyone. Yes, these are all simple home remedies for Vastu remedies without breaking or without constructing anything.

Fundamentals of construction in Southern Hemisphere:

Now, let us discuss few important and basic Vastu tips for Construction in Australia which is also important for Construction Vastu tips in Southern Hemisphere. Sometimes the people from Perth, australia, Sydney, Canberra or Melbourne ask “Is Vastu different in Southern Hemisphere?” If the reply goes in affirmative then we have to explain the Vastu for bedroom in australia which is an inevitable part of Vastu shastra for residential building in Southern Hemisphere. Therefore, Vastu for home plan and especially Vastu homes Melbourne or other multi storeyed houses like Vastu for double storey house all are covered in Vastu in Southern Hemisphere. Now Vastu for residential building becomes easy when we start using the north of Vedic Vastu as south and south recognise as north in the Southern Hemisphere. Then the application of Vastu becomes easier. Vastu for home construction pdf and Vastu before construction both are similar but very important questions.