Slopes Vastu

The slope has to play a vital role in Vastu. So far as Vastu for Southern Hemisphere is concerned the slope of lot, plot, house, factory floor or office floor to be in the east or south. Vastu For Slope of Roof and similarly the theory of Vastu dealing in Vastu For Slope of Floor work on the principles of vibrations’ flow.

Vastu Slopes should be so inclined that the positive energy is received by the site easily and therefore Slope Vastu becomes very important. Vastu Chhat Ka Dhalaan may be in hindi language but it never means that only the slope of roof or terrace is essential but Vaastu For Slope of Roof covers the slope of tin sheds, industrial roofs and other types of all the permanent and temporary sheds. Vaastu For Slope of Floor narrates the Vaastu Slopes

Is Slope a Serious Factor in Southern Hemisphere?

Yes, really it is very crucial factor. There may be slopes of plots, or slope of lot in Australia & other countries of Southern Hemisphere. For example:

  • Slope of house floor in north in Southern Hemisphere,
  • Plot’s slope in the South in Australia and entire Southern Hemisphere,
  • East direction Southern Hemisphere sloped houses,
  • In Southern Hemisphere Plot natural slope in West,
  • The land that slopes in the south-east,
  • Direction of North-east sloping lands, plots and lots,
  • Vacant plot for construction sloped in North-west,
  • South-west slope in Australia and in Southern Hemisphere,

The Symptoms & impacts of Slopes in Southern Hemisphere:

There are chances of having multiple slopes in Australia especially in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane or Perth. The reason is that the slope of land mainly depends upon the slope or natural slants of the plot or lot. Someone may ask what is the difference between Northern Hemisphere Vastu and Southern Hemisphere Vastu. Dear readers it is a very vast topic but let me answer in one sentence, there is a lot of difference when it comes to difference between Northern Hemisphere Vastu and Southern Hemisphere Vastu. The Lot slanting towards negative directions may put negative impacts on the inmates living in that lot or house. Even the slope of land in commercial premises is also important. The office Vastu slope is also equally important. The slope in south west Vastu in Southern Hemisphere especially in south Africa or for house below road level Vastu the impact is different.

Slope of land as per Vastu carries great importance because slope of land represents the reception of energies. Vastu for slope of land has many factors in which the facing of slope is crucial. west slope Vastu remedies includes the raising of the strongest corner called the earth corner in Southern Hemisphere exactly like in India. south-east slope Vastu remedies nor exactly needed because this is a positive slope in the Southern Hemisphere.

Yes, south west slope remedies are to be done as early as possible. In few cases we may find house below road level Vastu and then Vastu for floor level is the topic of attention and it may need the cures. Now the other question is which side of house should be higher and which should be lower. north-west slope Vastu remedies contains all the remedies for each negative slope. backyard slope Vastu is concerned about the rare portion which may not be sloping as per Vastu. south west slope Vastu remedies are the same as defined in the article. However, in all conditions we have to ensure that the north-west to be the heist and heaviest of all.

Vastu for slope in Northern Hemisphere & Vastu for slanting slopes in Southern Hemisphere have different roles to play in the lives of habitats. west slope Vastu remedies are different than north facing plot slope slanting in north in Southern Hemisphere. south-east slope Vastu remedies are very simple because they depend upon the nature of Lot or plot where the building is planned to be constructed. Then slope of land for construction is other subject.

Now let us discuss about the Slope of Land in Southern Hemisphere & Effects of Slope of Land in Southern Hemisphere. There is a general question Which side slope is good in Southern Hemisphere? Now the value of slope is slanting virtues of the plot or lot. The Slope of Residential Plot & Slope of Commercial Plot are to follow the same Vastu rules and tenets. Slope towards east may be good but slope towards west may not be appreciable. slope towards south and slope towards north are two different ends which should be done after keeping in mind the impacts and effects of various energies. To do it is not difficult but each Vastu consultancy services for house floor & plot slopes to be cured at the earliest stage by loading the north-west as per Vastu.

The slopes in different directions & sub-directions:

The slopes in apartments is almost no very prominent because most of the apartments’ floor is on zero level. south west slope remedies need some extra ordinary attention and to be cured at the earliest. We will discuss backyard slope Vastu so that Vastu for rain water flow may be discussed in tune with Vastu for floor level. The slope in south west Vastu is to be tackled with small remedies which is priceless and come under the topic of Vastu corrections without demolition. The commercial sites slope of land and the slope of house is defined here. house below road level Vastu is another issue in Scientific Vastu by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. Certainly, there are simple remedies for slopes in all directions for any Hemisphere but the accuracy should be maintained is assessing the real directions in terms of degrees and minutes.

Vastu for slopes in Southern Hemisphere is a vast topic that needs a thick-book size text to clarify because not one but the slopes may be in all the eight directions, their sub-directions, their sub-sub-directions and so on. Vastu for slope contains the main cardinal directions and their primary sub-directions. Vastu for slope of land becomes a subject of concern when in southern-hemisphere countries and cities like Australia’s Perth, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane, the topography is mixed. Slope of plot in entire land of Australia is mixed, but at some parts the earth slope is not much high and low.

There the clients may have the slope of their choices and the natural slope is not much effected. But the local administration and government rules are still to be followed and not much visible alteration is good there to do. South America, New Zealand and Argentina are also same way located in the Southern Hemisphere. Africa, Jakarta and east Timor are also situated in the Southern Hemisphere. There Vastu for all categories of residential and commercial plots may be constructed as per enough Vastu. Here enough means that we nan not violate the local administration rules, but yes, we have choice to cook, eat, sleep and use washroom in an area that is practical for us in our house. Residential plot slope matters much because we have to see the down-flow of rain water too. Similarly, commercial plot slope and industrial plot slope are also equally important. In each case we try to redefine the slopes in Southern Hemisphere that it tunes with the positive energy in that zone. Vastu is nothing but living in harmony with nature.