North West Facing House

Here the case is different in southern hemisphere. A lot of people who believe in self-advising strategies or getting advice from a Vastu consultant sitting on the next door and costs very less. In such a case there remains each possibility of getting the most negative direction to construct the dream house. If one realises how the Vastu energies work & how they contribute in our life then the entire fundamental concept shall be clear.

But no need to be panic of having a north facing house because it may be very easy for a Vastu consultant to discard the north direction in southern hemisphere BUT it may be rather more appreciable if the well-established remedies are done. North West Facing House Vastu is also applicable on almost all cities and countries located in this hemisphere. vastu for the southern hemisphere includes all major big and other countries like South Africa, Australia, Argentina New Zealand, Mauritius, Chile & Brazil etc. The same vastu is applied on other major cities cities in the southern hemisphere like Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Victoria, Port Louis, Queensland, , Indonesia Jakarta, New South Wales (NSW)etc.

Criticality of North-west facing Premises

Guiding for the construction or renovation of a North West Facing House may be a tedious topic in Vastu but we may deal with such situations very easily. Vastu for House covers all topics related to construction, interior & exteriors of the house and so Vastu for North West facing House becomes easy to handle. No direction is bad as per law of nature but there is a big need that we try to follow 100% Vastu Advice for North West facing house in Southern Hemisphere. However, in both of the Hemispheres the basic principles of Vastu for Home remain the same & thus Vastu in Southern Hemisphere becomes easy if the Vastu consultant is there to narrate everything truthfully. All the rules and regulations for Vastu in Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Africa should be based on the similar principles which bring human beings close to nature.