Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is the policy of a website that ensures that the website owner and his colleagues shall not disclose any credentials of any client. Even the staff of our office and others who have approach to handle the web and its queries are not allowed to share any details with unknown person. Our website privacy policy is so professional that we maintain the link to exchange information with the client and only the client. Even sometimes the other family member like son, wife, husband or daughter may ask what their family member asked to us and what we told, we straightaway refuse to tell even a single word to him or her.

We very frequently get queries from various countries and cities located in the Southern Hemisphere like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, South America, Indonesia and Jakarta etc and we guide the clients very nicely. Sometimes the other relative like brother, sister, mother or father of the client somewhat comes to know that their kin has approached to us with a Vastu related query and we had responded, then they try to ask cunningly what was the conversation. Friends, in almost 100% cases we tell that we get thousands of queries from all over the world and we guide Vastu, then how we can remember each case?

I believe this is enough to while-away such cases very gently and professionally. Vastu for Southern Hemisphere is such a topic on which we have expertise and we are known for our ed qualification, experience of 43 years, and the credentials which we had from various celebrities, bureaucrats, ministers and celebrities. Vastu in Southern Hemisphere is an interesting topic for us and we feel satisfied to handle the questions from thousands of viewers. Southern Hemisphere Vastu is becoming very popular in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia-Jakarta, south Africa, Mauritius and other places.

Vastu Consultant Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is such a worldwide famous celebrity who has handled more than a billion cases in the tenure of over 43 years in this noble field of Vastu. That is why the privacy policy is strongly adhered by us & at no cost we share any detail of any client. However, we ask for the testimonials & appreciation mails from the satisfied clients who whole heartedly ready to share their views, BUT in that case, we take their permission to publish their appreciation sentences on our website & even then we never share their details. Sometimes the client gives us free hands and says that we may display their details also on our ‘Credentials’ page, BUT still I conceal the details of the clients through which any his close person co-relates. We are sure that in ‘What Clients say” page you may find the name & place, but not the address & the contact number of those who have graced us by sending their letter of appreciations.