Residential Vastu

  • ✔ Residential site Like Independent House, Flats, Apartment, Condo, Villa etc. in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ The Lot or Plot (Land) to construct your dream house as Per Southern Hemisphere Vastu.
  • ✔ If yes, then Selection of Lot, Plot or Piece of Land be advised as per Vaastu Shastra for Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Choosing such best & lucky house for rent that creates the vibes so that soon you may have your own house,
  • ✔ Exploring many already built-up houses to choose luckiest one out of the lot? Are you feeling difficulty to choose Vastu compliant house? If yes, we are here to help you.
  • ✔ Onsite Vastu Survey and Analysis is needed to get the earth energy and other parallel vibrations checked.
  • ✔ Want to avail the online Vastu Consultancy services for your home, commercial plot, lot, shop, showroom, office or other commercial site.
  • ✔ Vastu for residential sites in Southern Hemisphere may focus upon all the items, facilities, rooms & other parts of the house like: - Vastu for drawing, Layout Plans, Drawings, Utilities, Designing Vastu, Vastu for Interiors, Vastu for exteriors etc for Southern Hemisphere Vastu.
  • ✔ The interior of a house like Vastu for Bedroom, Sleeping Direction, Drawing Room Vastu, Main Gate/ Main Door Vastu, Entrance Foyer, Lobby Vastu, Store Room , Vastu for Toilets/ washroom, Patio Vastu, Dining Hall Vastu, Vastu for open Space, Courtyards, Vastu for Doors, Vastu for Windows, Curtain Colours & Design Vastu, Shoes as Per Vastu, Car Parking Vastu and facilities areas.
  • ✔ Other essential parts of a common house like Vastu for Utility, Kitchen Vastu, Vastu for Pooja place, Staircase Vastu, Vastu for Cash Box/ Valuables, Study Room Vastu, Vastu for Flooring Colours/ Designs, Vastu For Slope of Land/ Lot, Vastu for Air Conditioners, Vastu for Sever Line, Septic Tank Vastu, Guest Room Vastu and other factors applicable in Vastu for residence in Southern Hemisphere.
  • ✔ Vastu for other rooms are also considered in Vastu for Children Room, Laundry Vastu, Vastu for Servant Room, Vastu for Basement/ Cellar & much more applicable in Southern Hemisphere like Australia, Mauritius, South Africa, New Zealand etc.
  • ✔ Facing, elevation & colours too play a vital role in Vastu for Southern Hemisphere. So we consider Best Vastu Facing in Southern Hemisphere, Geopathic Stress, Exterior Vastu Guidelines, Colours Vastu, Construction Guidelines, Elevation/ Façade Vastu, Floor Plan,
  • ✔ Other residential sites are also taken into account in Vastu for Southern Hemisphere like for Rented House, Buying Already Built-up House, Doing Renovation/ Alterations etc.
  • ✔ Builder Floor, Flats, Apartment Vastu & Vastu for Villa are also considered in Vastu in southern Hemisphere.

Prime factors of Vastu for Southern Hemisphere

So far as the Vastu consultancy services for residential premises in the Southern Hemisphere is concerned we have to look at many aspects which are followed in Vastu Bhardwaj. Vastu for Home in Southern Hemisphere has to be dealt with the logical base and the Vastu consultant should define each Vastu aspect applied in Southern Hemisphere from that point of view. For example, the south facing houses are not considered negative in countries situated in the Southern Hemisphere like australia, Mauritius, south Africa, chile, south-America, brazil, Indonesia-part (Jakarta), New Zealand etc. For south facing house Vastu australia implies on all vaastu homes i.e. the houses or villas made in accordance to Vastu shastra. Vastu for home in australia has to keep the open space in the east.

When we do survey of Vastu for house in australia, we try to define that the feet while sleeping in australia not to be in the south because of the magnetic flux. The sleeping direction is the subject that comes under the Vastu for bedroom. Most of the houses in Southern Hemisphere are built double storeyed. So Vastu for double storey house has to ensure the internal staircase to be in the west. Vastu for north east facing house in australia is not that appreciable as in India. All Vastu homes Melbourne to check maximum windows in the east direction so that the man may get the benefits from the rising sun and gets enough vitamin ‘D’. Vastu Melbourne with reference to Vastu shastra for home in Southern Hemisphere shall follow same rules of logical Vastu as Vastu Perth and Vastu Sydney because these two metro cities of australia are fast growing a there are a lot of development works going on to accommodate the population in a very systematic manner. Though the open areas, land and space is enough in australia and the population is less for that point of view but even then, those who hail from India use to believe in Vastu very much but we believe that Vastu should be based on science and logic.