North East Facing House Vastu

It is not the subject to be overwhelmed after getting a north-east facing house because more than half vastu rules change logically in the southern hemisphere. Then if one asks an Indian vastu consultant who hails from India, he may over appreciate a north-east facing house but the truth may turn the house buyer not so happy. Here is the logical and scientific aspects to calculate the intensity of a north-east or east-north facing house vibrations.

When it comes to the real logical values of a house then various energies should be calculated. A NE facing house may be appreciable in the northern hemisphere but the case in southern hemisphere may be opposite or near to opposite. Even then if one has already purchased a EN or NE facing house or it may be a north-east facing Lot then there is no need to announce the house or ;lot for resale rather if one is able to hire the professional vastu services of a trained, experienced and qualified vastu consultant, it shall be a wise step.

Vastu for north-east facing house in Southern Hemisphere

North East Facing House Vastu may be looking very good to a common person but we know that it is not a matter of such Vastu happiness. Vastu for House which is facing the NE direction, may be not as good as we feel it is in India so North-east facing House Vastu needs careful construction and interior for the best results. North-east facing house Vastu in Southern Hemisphere needs some simple remedies because it is not an appreciable direction like in India. The topic of Vastu for Home with reference to Vastu in Southern Hemisphere applies to all tenets of Vastu in Africa especially its Southern part that is called the south-Africa, Australia, Indonesia as well as New Zealand. Therefore, Vastu for House for the Southern Hemisphere needs proper guidance by a professional Vastu consultant.

Which countries & Cities are in Southern Hemisphere?

Now let us discuss about Vastu in Southern Hemisphere that includes many cities and various countries. For example, there are the country of Australia, Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Chile and Brazil etc. Vastu is similarly applied on other cities located in the Southern Hemisphere like Perth, Jakarta, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Port Louis, Queensland, Victoria, Indonesia, New South Wales (NSW), etc.