South West Facing House

It is the matter of cheers now because may be one has got a house which is south facing & after reading on internet he may have started feeling depressed, BUT it is not like that. The most negative direction of northern hemisphere may be the most positive direction in southern hemisphere. So now be happy because you bought a south facing home in southern hemisphere.

In fact vastu in southern hemisphere is a subject that includes countries like Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius, South Africa, Chile, Argentina & Brazil etc. Besides the above it also defines Vastu for various cities located in the southern hemisphere like Jakarta, Perth, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Port Louis, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales (NSW), Indonesia etc. Hence Vastu for southern hemisphere covers almost half part of the globe which is located in the lower or southern half after the line of equator.

What About South-West Facing in Southern Hemisphere?

Ironically the people who have a strong faith in Vastu try to keep them updated with the Vastu tenets but they could not analyse whether all the directional Vastu principles follow the same rules or Vastu’s few or all principles change with the change in the Hemisphere. South West Facing House is a very hot topic in the Vastu books and most of the people try to avoid getting south-west facing house but as a matter of fact Vastu for House does not say that all houses which face south-west may be serious. Vastu for South-West facing House in the Southern Hemisphere may alter drastically so no need to fear if you are looking for Vastu Advice for South-West facing house in Southern Hemisphere because the impacts on this direction altogether changes. Vastu for Home especially Vastu in Southern Hemisphere to be seen from different angles and be treated differently. In fact this direction of south-west comes under the definition of ‘Neutral’ not as negative in the Southern Hemisphere. Vastu in Africa, Indonesia, Mauritius, Australia and New Zealand may follow almost the similar Vastu moralities which makes the situation unilateral and similar.