Exception is our exclusivity:

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is an author, a great researcher, an explorer & a person of multi-dynamic abilities. Though he has written many books in English & Hindi but the best seller book is available now. We realised the great needs of good Vastu Books for different zones and countries. Southern Hemisphere Vastu Books contains all the texts required by the interested readers who want to know various aspects of Vastu which are applicable in Southern Hemisphere.

There may be numerous Vastu Shastra Books available in the market but the reader today needs the accurate and healthy literature. Vastu Books by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj are very much different because the text roams about the logical grounds and explains the factual situations. There are no superstitions in Vastu books written by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. Though we cannot and we should not claim that our book is unique and no one has tries such in the past but we believe that writing a book is one thing and creating a book carries very high value.

The Quality that embellishes any Book:

Best Vastu books are those which carry away the society from the superstitious notions and unveil those facts which have hardly been touched by anyone so far. Dr. Bhardwaj has authored almost 17 books on Vastu Shastra so far and each book has been recognised as the best Vastu book in English. Thou he has written many books in Hindi language also and they are very much popular among the readers. Best Vastu Books in English contain very healthy reading material and we tried to explain each Vastu fact with the help of science i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography & mathematics.

This is really unique feature of any book which people think is related with religion or rituals. This inimitability makes our all books the factual healthy material. Similarly, one of the best creations by Dr. Anand is recognised as one of the Best Vastu Books in Hindi which is “Vrihad Vastu Shastra Ek Mahagrantha”. The other best seller book is “Vastu Shastra in Modern Context”. If one is looking for the Best Vastu Shastra Books to Read one may choose the collection from Dr. Anand Bhardwaj