Vastu for North Face House

It may be a subject of cheers in northern hemisphere but the conditions alter in the southern hemisphere as there are few directions which may be very positive in northern hemisphere but in southern hemisphere the same facing of a house or an office becomes not exciting. So is the case with the north face houses and in vastu for north facing house one may need to take extra precautions because the direction is not to applaud in southern hemisphere.

However sometimes if one check Vastu as per Janam Kundali or according to horoscope then the situation may be favourable in few cases. So before taking any big decision on the buying of a north face house or north-facing office then there is a big need to consult a good vastu consultant who is expert in vastu in southern hemisphere.

Do all North Facing are Positive on Globe?

Though Vedic Vastu appreciates & promotes people to buy north facing houses, commercial premises or offices in India & in northern Hemisphere. But Vastu for North Face House with reference to the SH is to be seen from a logical angle. For example, Vastu for North Face House in Southern Hemisphere is not appreciable because of many geo-reasons. House Facing in Southern Hemisphere carries high value like other parts of the world like northern Hemisphere but the impact of the same north facing houses 9in northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere are not the same. North direction is least appreciable in the SH. North Facing House Vastu in Southern Hemisphere is a subject that may require few trifle remedies which cost almost very less. Vastu for House Facing in Southern Hemisphere like in Australia, South Africa, Jakarta, brazil and New Zealand, Africa, Indonesia, Argentina etc have to do simple cures. Certainly, few precautions at the time of construction are good to use.

Which Countries & Cities are in Southern Hemisphere?

In this website we define Vastu in Southern Hemisphere that includes several small and big countries like Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius, South Africa, Chile, Argentina & Brazil etc. which are positioned in the Southern Hemisphere and a lot of cities located in the Southern Hemisphere like Jakarta, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Port Louis, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales (NSW), Indonesia etc. are there which should follow the vaastu rules meant for Southern Hemisphere. Sun’s movement is one of the major causes that makes the vibrations different in different Hemisphere.